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If you see warning lights illuminated on your dashboard, you may require an engine diagnostics check to help identify potential problems with your vehicle. As technology advances, modern vehicles are increasingly becoming a ‘computer on wheels’, and therefore advanced vehicles require advanced diagnostic technology.

At Fourth Avenue Autos, our expert technicians perform engine diagnostic checks using the Dealer/Aftermarket machine to learn more about why the vehicle is not functioning correctly for as little
as £36.

You don’t need to pay dealer prices.

Engine 1

When a warning light illuminates on your dashboard, an engine diagnostics check can help identify the problem before more serious damage occurs.

Most modern vehicles today contain an on-board computer known as an Engine Control Unit (ECU) which continually monitors the performance of the vehicle. Sensors all around the vehicle report back to the ECU if there are problems such as low fluid levels or increased engine temperature. When an issue is identified the ECU generates an error code.

There are literally hundreds of potential error codes that can only be read by specialist vehicle diagnostic equipment.

While a warning light may display on the dashboard alerting you to an issue, a diagnostics check is required to understand the full extent and cause of the problem.

At Fourth Avenue Autos we use state of the art car diagnostic equipment which can read the engine fault codes in your ECU’s memory. Our fully trained technicians can then suggest any necessary repairs to get you back on the road and rectify the error. Next time a dashboard warning light appears in your car, don’t pay vehicle dealership prices for your diagnostics check, call into Fourth Avenue Autos for a low-cost diagnosis while you wait. If you see warning lights illuminated on your dashboard, you may require an engine diagnostics check to help identify potential problems with your vehicle.


We offer a wide range of DPF services, from complete removal to replacement, and cleaning which has grown rapidly in popularity over the last few years.

We have no barriers with our cleaning process as it’s a manual process, carried out in situ, and is not governed by a computer guided function. Future DPF regenerations, whether passive or forced, will be more successful following our cleaning service as the soot carrying capabilities are increased.


Advantages of the cleaning process:
While you wait service
Pre and post diagnostic checks on common
failed components
No need to remove DPF from vehicle
Increased efficiency (MPG)
Increased performance

The Cleaning Procedure

Stage 1: We carry out an in depth diagnostic, checking common failed components before initiating a DPF clean. Where necessary, further investigation is carried to ensure a successful clean.

Stage 2: Using a high pressure injection system, a decarbonising solution is injected into the pre DPF pressure line. A soak period is now initiated. This is then followed by a further injection of solution during an engine speed cycle. The soak period, solution amount and repetition depends on saturation levels identified in stage 1.

Stage 3: Finally, live data is analysed during active road use. This is then followed by final parameter checks logging DPF back pressure readings. These readings, before and after, are then reported back to you for your peace of mind. The three stage DPF cleaning process is now complete.


We offer a wide range of diagnostic services, from resetting service lights to speed limiter removal or installation.

Air bag faults have become a necessary fix along with ABS system faults as both are a MOT failure. We can diagnose and repair the majority or modern vehicle faults with our diagnostic tools and team of skilled Technicians.

Most manufacture’s state that a Red warning light means stop the vehicle immediately and seek help or recovery and an amber light means drive to your garage as soon as possible.

Fourth Avenue Autos have a recovery truck if you are not a member of a breakdown organisation.